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suddenly summer!!!!!!!!

it's suddenly summer here in nyc!!!!! eeeeeek, i have to say, summer without ocean doesn't make sense to me but..

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song's brewing...

a quick snowy note to share how excited i am about all the new songs brewing at the moment! i will keep you posted...keep warm and cozy and kind in the meantime. heart. 

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As heard in National Crayola TV AD!

Nomintaed for an Independent Music Award!

"Terrific Debut"

  Paul McCartney

"sunny and lush and cheerful and glockenspieltastic!"

 Christopher R.Weingarten
  SPIN, Senior Editor 

 "tamar haviv is 
 going places!"

  Evan Schlansky
   American Songwriter Magazine


  Amy Ray, Indigo Girls 

"Haviv delivers a left of center lyricism in a voice of endearing intimacy and fearless authenticity.

  Dan Kimpel
   Music Connection Magazine

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RT @1NatalieMaines: I get banned for not liking Bush and now Trump can practically put a hit out on Hillary and he's still all over country radio! Hypocrites!
If you are watching #nbc how much does this feel like #thehungergames ? #Clinton #losing my shit #electionnight #election #theend
RT @jk_rowling: One way or another, history will surely be made tonight. Let it be the good kind. Please, please let it be the good kind. #ElectionNight
RT @fortunefunny: "I will do more for Latinos than anyone else...by kicking them out and building a wall around our country." #debate
RT @loganhill33: My 10 yr old's full pic: Orange man deporting all the other fruits. #debate https://t.co/ZbtzsacdpW