When you lose your hope, how do you pull yourself up?  

       Where/How/What do you find comfort in?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately - where I find my own hope/where I go for comfort when I feel depleted/with loss. There is such relentless beauty in the world, and yet sorrow can feel so hard to rise up from when your pulled in deep ... and, as you know, I'm a sensitive creature...I tend to feel it all and intensely. Maybe you feel the same?

I remember many years ago seeing one of my favorite artists; Michelle Shocked perform. During her performance she said something like, 'depression & sadness are the easiest places to go. But it's happiness & positivity that really takes courage to bring ourselves to everyday.'

 So, I took this question to the streets as I do. 

I resonated a lot with these lovely strangers who opened up and shared with me so generously. And let me take their photograph as well!

I hope their words bring you comfort the way they have for me.



S & J from Denmark
man: I think I find it with my family 
girl: (interrupting) yea, I was thinking the same thing
man: yea, it's good to have a family 
me: what does your family do that gives you comfort?
girl: just being there, they don't really have to do anything they just
       have to be there
man: yea, I think the same 
me: and are you family?
girl: yea, this is my dad
B from Vietnam
"I run, I practice meditation a lot so that helps a lot to look inside myself. There is a bigger picture out there if we just step away from our own surrounding's, our own box and look at the whole picture we'll see that our problem's are so small compared to the rest of what's going on outside of ourselves and around the world."
A & M from Hell's Kitchen
"I would say I would pull from other family members or others close around me for support to get through a situation.
Whether it be over the phone or someone here - personal contact,      
 a hug can go a long way."
"Even though I am not religious I do believe there's something binding everything together - so, I always feel like anything that's happening in my life is meant to happen to make me who I am suppose to be, who I'm meant to become. So even the darkest periods of my life have always brought me through to a better place."
T from NYC
"...I've learned through experience, my purpose and mission and I just kinda hone in on it and find things that i'm able to reflect and meditate on...to take pride and joy and move forward and continue to help others which in tern helps me and makes the world a better place."
Let's continue this conversation, yes?
I would LOVE To hear YOUR thoughts!
All love & nourishment ur way!