RT @68recordsnyc: #MakeYourVoiceKnown' Listen to @SaraBareilles's (full) Phone call to Congress in Video, via.@billboard today:… https://t.co/XhK5giAcgO
RT @SenSanders: President Trump, you made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you ac… https://t.co/0Dye2513Ub
RT @danepizz: The most beautiful, raw and relatable song 💕 https://t.co/BqSVBGfpVb
RT @1NatalieMaines: I get banned for not liking Bush and now Trump can practically put a hit out on Hillary and he's still all over country radio! Hypocrites!
If you are watching #nbc how much does this feel like #thehungergames ? #Clinton #losing my shit #electionnight #election #theend
RT @jk_rowling: One way or another, history will surely be made tonight. Let it be the good kind. Please, please let it be the good kind. #ElectionNight
RT @fortunefunny: "I will do more for Latinos than anyone else...by kicking them out and building a wall around our country." #debate
RT @loganhill33: My 10 yr old's full pic: Orange man deporting all the other fruits. #debate https://t.co/ZbtzsacdpW
RT @ActuallyEmerson: My deepest sympathies to high school debate coaches who will have to teach a generation that "WRONG!" is not a valid counter-argument.
@danepizz @WaitressMusical @kealasettle @JennaUshkowitz @drewgehling 2day is Dana's birthday, it would make her year 2 go on stage after ❤️
@danepizz @WaitressMusical @kealasettle @SaraBareilles @JennaUshkowitz my friend Dana's birthday is 2DAY, any way 2 get her on stage after?
RT @68recordsnyc: Check out 'Rad Woman in Cinema + Autumn Nights = YES' written by Project Consultant, Tamar! https://t.co/tKwMZuLsXU via @wordpressdotcom
RT @danepizz: When you miss #BroadwayFlea 😭but then your friend goes and gets you an early birthday present 💕 @WaitressMusical 🙌🏻 https://t.co/tezxZBTkWO
@opusorange just saw this beautiful gem of a band. A serious shift of ground. Amazeathon w/ @danepizz
Thanks so much #6/8 records ! Tomorrow night's show for Mondo Fest will be amaze featuring artist; Saniyé ! https://t.co/kIyhdWe8zF
Missing @AmyLeoMusic inspirational videos!!!!! Where can I find them?
Hello there all u out on Twitter...long time, missed you sweet creatures!!!❤️
RT @CeciliaGault: @TamarHaviv Great songwriting session, thank you so much!
@CeciliaGault @TamarHaviv loved our songwriting session today Cecilia!!!!!!! Can't wait for the world to hear it!!!!!!! U r a star!!!!!x
RT @CariCole: Achingly gorgeous song "Pining" by my gifted alum artist @TamarHaviv http://t.co/idjshjWmNY VIDEO shot on flip camera en route to Antarctica
RT @ruthhcarter: Beautiful song "Pining" by the lovely and sweet @TamarHaviv : https://t.co/YBQQsMhS52
RT @tinderboxfest: Counting down the days until @LeahSpeckhard releases her new album SLEEPWALKER! Make sure to be at the release show 2/23 @boweryelectric!
@ExonerateWM3 @ruthhcarter @KevinWilsonNYC @damienechols aw! Thanks so much, magical day!!!!!! X
RT @ruthhcarter: @ExonerateWM3 @KevinWilsonNYC @TamarHaviv @damienechols Such a sweet picture! :)
@CeciliaGault @CariCole @LeahSpeckhard http://t.co/5o2hli9dfL
@CeciliaGault @CariCole @LeahSpeckhard http://t.co/G8eLZGbNQ9
RT @CeciliaGault: Thank you! @CariCole @TamarHaviv @LeahSpeckhard
RT @ruthhcarter: A terrific Tuesday to everyone! May your day hold happy faces & peaceful places. Thanks for all of the Twitter love. Smiles for all! :):):)
RT @Miranda_July: When you accidentally hand the customs guy PITY THE ANIMAL instead of yr passport and he's like uh. http://t.co/hpcGgMm4ez
RT @Miranda_July: Thank u @lenadunham for interviewing the f*ck out of me @BAM_Brooklyn tonight. Such a joy (despite sad elves pict.) http://t.co/T6gux6aa4z
RT @Miranda_July: Basically doing fine only a little bit not fine. http://t.co/f0VG7dIrz2
RT @gabrielpalumbo: Busquen a @TamarHaviv en Spotify y disfruten como locos, prueben, haganmé caso una vez
@daveunleashed having gratitude for Dave Leonard at the amazing Radio Unleashed!!!!!!! And all the amazing music they bring to our ears! X
RT @daveunleashed: #FF @twerpstwerps @TamarHaviv @BahamasMusic @CCDMUSIC
@MsDWright @ruthhcarter @Cruecial @Calgonaway @MarisaBrogna @Lindaj21 @48chummley @Catherin03 @arwenchandler @SuePerakis love 2 all! X
@ruthhcarter the most beautiful jeweler & generous soul!!!!!!!!!! x!
RT @CeciliaGault: Check our my dear friend @TamarHaviv You and Me Without Pajamas https://t.co/WkKcKA7eQw
RT @AliciaAtout: Interview: @TamarHaviv discusses exploring relationships, working with other musicians, and Edward Scissorhands - http://t…
RT @ruthhcarter: Happy Tuesday, everyone! Thanks for all of the love. Take a little time today 2 look up. It's amazing what u can see. http…
RT @PJActivism: 4 years ago today, Eddie Vedder & Johnny Depp supported the West Memphis 3 at the Voices for Justice rally. #TBT http://t.c
RT @BenjaminScheuer: Pics & podcast of the Q&A I did with Terri Paddock, founder of @WhatsOnStage , after a performance #TheLion. http://t.…
@PlanetWaves YOU ARE & HAVE BEEN MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ASTROLOGER FOR YEARS! Thank you SO much for featuring my songs! What an honor! tamar x
@kindcampaign my music video w DAMIEN ECHOLS. No one can take away our capacity 2 extend love& kindness at any moment http://t.co/MWjjEhGAIN
@ThisIsRobThomas long time since bearsville! much heart 2 u & marisol. here's my new music video w/ DAMIEN ECHOLS http://t.co/MWjjEhGAIN
RT @tinderboxfest: Tinderbox 2012 Artist @TamarHaviv premiered her new video feat. @damienechols via @culturecollide_! Check it out: http:/…
@aaronpaul_8 I worked on this w DAMIEN ECHOLS. Noone can take away our capacity 2 extend love& kindness at any moment http://t.co/MWjjEhGAIN
@BRMCofficial thank's so much for including our video- u guy's rock! ASK iAN – Tamar Haviv featuring Damien Echols http://t.co/sZI58weH7M
@SarahKSilverman u were amazing 2night in ct thanku. damien echols & i r in my new music video - u might enjoy: http://t.co/MWjjEhGAIN
RT @damienechols: Video Premiere: “The Good Has Won” Tamar Haviv Featuring Damien Echols : Feed : Culture Collide http://t.co/Sbtu9ny2jC
RT @CariCole: Proof music w/message can be fun! My amazing artist @TamarHaviv's #TheGoodHasWon feat. @DamienEchols http://t.co/zePtgRIoNb @…
@zoeinthecities so great meeting u @west of memphis premiere- damien & i r in my new music video i think u will like http://t.co/MWjjEhYJWV
@rocknrollnsixxn thank's so much Robin! itunes : http://t.co/l1ml9vZ3ha or you can look up my name Tamar Haviv - thank's 4 ur support!
@rocknrollnsixxn @damienechols @CultureCollide hey robin try this link http://t.co/MWjjEhYJWV thanks so much for watching & ur support :)
RT @ScoopskiePotato: @TamarHaviv @KevinWilsonNYC @damienechols @CultureCollide Love the song! Makes me smile. And was that a Kevin Wilson c…
RT @damienechols: Video Premiere: “The Good Has Won” Tamar Haviv Featuring Damien Echols : Feed : Culture Collide http://t.co/Sbtu9ny2jC
excited 2 share with u!!!! @ruthhcarter @arwenchandler @Cruecial @BrandiesBrain @SuePerakis @Calgonaway @Catherin03 http://t.co/MWjjEhYJWV
thank u incredible beings 4 being a part of my music video xoxo @KevinWilsonNYC @starrbelew @careyurban1 @ronhaviv http://t.co/MWjjEhYJWV
My video "The Good Has Won" starring the amazing and inspiring @damienechols has premiered on @culturecollide today! http://t.co/7CPKWIXj4h
RT @bigpicturenyc: Head over to @culturecollide_ & check out @TamarHaviv's new video "The Good Has Won" - featuring @damienechols! http://t…
RT @culturecollide_: Video Premiere: Be inspired by @TamarHaviv's'The Good Has Won' starring @damienechols http://t.co/3USm8wcIkz http://t.…
@CannyCandi there u are my dear fabulosa one!!!!!
@caricole hi! Ur the best cari!!!!!
@KevinWilsonNYC @damienechols = because ur a supertrooper !!!!!!!!!!!!!
RT @BrandiesBrain: @TamarHaviv @KevinWilsonNYC @damienechols 3 awesome people in one picture :)
'The good has won' music video release Tuesday!;) Featuring these 2 amazing creatures! @damienechols @KevinWilsonNYC http://t.co/KvAUOzBhip
Beautiful autumn-ish day out there in nyc eh? Sending love x
Sending u extra love today Ruth @ruthhcarter
RT @NaamYogaLA: @renatanaamyoga "Our job is to serve, be humble, and make a difference in other peoples lives." Dr. Levry today at @Rootli…
RT @ruthhcarter: @TamarHaviv Love it! :)
RT @TopTunesParade: I Like You ♪ @TamarHaviv #ThanksForFollowing https://t.co/Fv79V3ghik
RT @altcitizen: @TamarHaviv we heart you
I heart @altcitizen
"You and Me Without Pajamas" is available on iTunes! Have a listen and let me know what you think :) https://t.co/VaeuzCTAGj
Latest news and more on my blog! http://t.co/RMAYgpiSGL
Loved that SUPERMOON FULL MOON ... There is still time to make a wish everyone! It's a powerful time!
@renatanaamyoga thank you so much renata x photo is AWE some! Thinking of all of u doing such beautiful work & soaking in light & blessings
RT @ronhaviv: Daily village life in Niger. Working on a #NPR project with @JasonBnpr. #africa #photojournalism… http://t.co/Em0ZW16hL8
Connect with me on fb and stay up to date with event and show details! https://t.co/hNKQH2147Q?
RT @MARIRICHARDSON: Feeling down? Check out two new songs by singer songwriter Tamar Haviv that are sure to make you smile! http://t.co/0BE
New interview with City Lights! http://t.co/xjHRTQ2hYF
@JaredShameless saw the movie .... Heartbreaking....
@MARIRICHARDSON I love u guys !!!!! I love musicjunkie!!!! U rock so much & truly touch my heart! Ur the real deal! Thanku!!!! Xoxoxo
RT @CityLCoverage: NEW INTERVIEW: @TamarHaviv http://t.co/RasNOhYD2M
RT @MARIRICHARDSON: Check out two new songs by singer songwriter Tamar Haviv http://t.co/0BE8o7PzpY @TamarHaviv
RT @ruthhcarter: @TamarHaviv Thank you, my friend! :) Your album is awesome!
RT @CariCole: Proud Mama Lion! Check out my alum making moves! #NP @TamarHaviv's debut album. On iTunes: http://t.co/qD24ALX3we http://t.c
have you guy's seen this lovely jewelry? perfectly deep & sweet for the summertime https://t.co/3gQ0SWhVQ9 by amazing artist @ruthhcarter
My debut album "You and Me Without Pajamas" is now available on iTunes!! <3 ENJOY! https://t.co/orAtLGCmvo http://t.co/tycBXKMJoY
GLOBAL RELEASE DAY - TODAY, I honor YOU along with these songs. Xoxox
@kfinley thank you!
@JaredShameless uhm, hello the sweetest!!!!!!!! Whose the best interviewer around? And when is ur album coming ? ;)
RT @JaredShameless: @TamarHaviv happy record release day Tamar! Congrats! :)
RT @ARTISTdirect: Exclusive Album Stream: @TamarHaviv, "You and Me Without Pajamas" http://t.co/ZrUCs0STlL = hear today, buy tomorrow!
RT @ARTISTdirect: #ADListenUP - Exclusive Album Stream: @TamarHaviv, "You and Me Without Pajamas" http://t.co/EnrR6h1y8J #MusicMonday
RT @NEWMUSICINFERNO: LIVE RIGHT NOW W/ @TamarHaviv!!! http://t.co/PbutJQlen1
RT @derailed: Technically it's not #MusicMonday but you should still check out @TamarHaviv -- http://t.co/TetNfo8trc http://t.co/8CrRH0p0l8
RT @NEWMUSICINFERNO: LIVE TOMORROW BEGINNING 5PM PST/8PM EST W/ @emilykatter, @TamarHaviv, @JettPrescott & @decoded_music!!! http://t.co/c3
RT @bridget_widget: “@derailed: You need to listen to @TamarHaviv, trust us! She's our #MusicMonday feature -- http://t.co/re5MtmusIb http…
@HolyGalileo @KaraAliMusic :)
RT @HolyGalileo: @TamarHaviv Cool...we enjoy your music and glad we learned of you! Adore is such a wonderfully crafted and lively song!
@HolyGalileo aw thanks, means a lot!
.@HolyGalileo excited for the release of Holy Galileo! My debut album is out 7/29 :))) #youandmewithoutpajamas
RT @derailed: You need to listen to @TamarHaviv, trust us! She's our #MusicMonday feature -- http://t.co/TetNfo8trc http://t.co/EtN0MPCun4
PRE-ORDER "You and Me Without Pajamas" today! :) https://t.co/Grosw8sqce http://t.co/iYlD1ALFJC
I'm so super delighted to announce that you can now pre-order my debut album!
RT @hilliatfields: "Kitty!" :-) http://t.co/75mncEC0FJ
@CariCole couldn't be where I am without a mentor like you. But that's stating the obvious. Xoxoxo
RT @CariCole: #NP my uber talented studio alum! I ADORE you & your music, Tamar! RT @ventsmagazine @TamarHaviv's New Song "Adore" http://t.…
@ruthhcarter @Calgonaway @Cruecial @Catherin03 @MsDWright @SuePerakis @arwenchandler love 2 u early risers!! & sleep 2 the other vampires!
RT @ventsmagazine: Tamar Haviv (@TamarHaviv) Premieres New Song, "Adore" On Joonbug! http://t.co/eIKMH6M50I
@bigpicturenyc @Fromindianlakes nice song- great video- beautiful editing x
RT @bigpicturenyc: .@TamarHaviv premiered her single #Adore on @joonbugbuzz! Listen now here: http://t.co/JBZo2tnBwa!
Here's another treat! Listen to the exclusive premiere of "Adore" -- officially LIVE on @joonbugbuzz today! http://t.co/ERotC4g80V :)
In the meantime, here's a teaser from my debut album "You and Me Without Pajamas" -- hope you like puppets! :) https://t.co/nUUIxbrPKS
You can pre-order my album "You and Me Without Pajamas" today! Keep a look out for the link :)
@JaredShameless thank you for the fab interview lovely jared x
RT @JaredShameless: @TamarHaviv hey you! Here's the link to our interview! :) https://t.co/sbYq0WJHwE
Hey guys! Are we friends on facebook? https://t.co/hNKQH2147Q
I have an extra special treat for everyone tomorrow! #youandmewithoutpajamas
RT @Shakefire: Shampoo, Red Box & Paul McCartney in our latest QUICKIE 10 with Tamar Haviv http://t.co/kGQJwm14Vi @TamarHaviv http://t.co/l
RT @AdamsWorldBlog: My latest NYC indie music news column features @JackandEliza @manicanparty @bakedtweets & @TamarHaviv. Check it out htt…
RT @PreludePress: We chatted with @TamarHaviv recently about her upcoming album and much more! Check out the entire interview here: http://…
RT @LouiseMinkin: @TamarHaviv cool
RT @ExonerateWM3: Peter Jackson Posts About a New Book From His Friends Damien Echols and Lorri Davis http://t.co/JI84kiiji6
RT @arwenchandler: I am having an open book release party on Facebook. U R invited! Anyone who attends is entered to win a free paperback b…
RT @fantastic___pic: A newly-born lamb snuggles up to a boy, by Williams Fox. England, 1940 #images #wallpapers #photos #photography http:…
RT @LensOverTime: Album review of @TamarHaviv debut album You And Me Without Pajamas http://t.co/FiKwM2n8kH such a fun album & it will leav…
RT @ruthhcarter: @TamarHaviv I can't wait! I'm buying one. :)
Have you read my interview with Cool Try (Bro)? http://t.co/eMRwgFnLGu #tamarhavivmusic
ICYMI: I'm very excited to share my new single "The Good Has Won" -- Listen to it now on @artistlink! http://t.co/rb7aEpEHW5
#thegoodhaswon #songpremiere http://t.co/xmoeRjRdzc :)
Listen to "The Good Has Won" on @ARTISTdirect now! > http://t.co/rb7aEpEHW5 Hope you like it! :) http://t.co/Elw3srrUTn
About to release an exclusive premiere of a song off my new album "you and me without pajamas" out July 29th :)
RT @VoicePix: @TamarHaviv WOAH!! Paul McCartney sang your song back to YOU!?!!??! Fantastic:) Def gonna buy your album on the 29th! Keep it…
@VoicePix thank's so much voicepix!!!!!!!!! you guy's are beautiful!!!!!!!!!